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Ham FM Transceiver radio 27/50/144/430Mhz Quad Band HF&VHF&UHF 800 Channels US

800 Channels 27/50/144/430Mhz Quad Band HF&VHF&UHF Mobile FM Transceiver. 1Quad band Mobile Radio. 1Screws and Nut, Mic Mounting. Main Features of Quad Bands transceiver TC-8900R. Over 800 Memory Channels. CTCSS/DCS Built-in; DTMF Function. Convenient Access To WIRES and Other Internet-linking … read more

KX3 Transceiver

Exceptional Elecraft KX3 with ATU, Intelligent internal time Real charger, Pelican case, handles, radiator protection transistor power output PAE-Kx33 Low-RFI AC Power Supply 8 rechargeable batteries 1500 ma Energegizer more 350 extra dollars!!! 10 W PEP (100 W with KXPA100 … read more