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TYT TH-8600 Dual Band Mini Mobile Transceiver IP67 Waterproof Car Radio


TYT TH-8600 Mobile Transceiver, FCC certificate(FCC ID:POD25W-WP), Compact & Solid with Large Display, IP67 waterproof Version. Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Watch, Mini Unit & output 25/20 Watt, High/Mid/Low Tri-Power Setting. 200 Channels, 5 programmable function key, 1750/2100/1000/1450 Tone, CTCSS, … read more

TYT TH-8600 Mini Dual Band IP67 Mobile Radio Transceiver 144MHz/430MHz with Cable


TYT TH-8600 Mini Dual Band. Waterproof Mobile Transceiver 136-174MHz/400-480MHz 25W Amateur Car Radio HAM Mobile Radio. Mini waterproof mobile radio dual band, dual standby, dual display It is the solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts. We test the … read more