Radio Transceiver 0.5MHz-30MHz 4 Waveband Handheld HF SSB QRP USDX Transceiver

Great Efficiency: Designed to have a wide reception frequency range of 0.5MHz-30MHz, the radio transceiver with 4 band coverage has high efficiency. Has Longer Range: Moreover, the maximum range can get up to 1.5km, so the HF SSB QRP uSDX … read more



Ranger Rci-2950dx6 Ham Radio Transceiver, (skip Talking^^^sky Walker) Powerful

RANGER RCI-2950DX6 HAM RADIO TRANSCEIVER, (SKIP TALKING^^^SKY WALKER) POWERFUL. Ranger RCI-2950DX6, 10/12 Meter Ham Radio Mobile Transceiver. Featuring, A New and Improved Receiver, Designed for Increased Sensitivity, with Image Rejections, and a Double FET Balanced Mixer, For Better Receiver Inter-Modulation … read more